Embracing your truth and the desire to live a life of excellence.

Our mission is to help people achieve a balanced mind in a balanced body.

The You Can You Will Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals who aspire to realize their full potential by providing the knowledge that opens doors to infinite possibilities.  We create and support programs focused on the Mind, Body and Soul that educate and inspire individuals to discover the answers within themselves. We do this by placing a strong emphasis on self-empowerment, wellness and a sense of community.  

Our organization is committed to providing a barrier-free environment where participants are able to allow the self-empowered individual to emerge.  No matter what stage of life or where you are on your journey, we support anyone who is seeking personal growth regardless of social, spiritual, physical, emotional or financial status.  We believe that YOU control your destiny and our programs aim to facilitate each individual’s potential to discover a place of true inner peace and happiness.

We offer a variety of individual, group and community-based programs to choose from, most of them free or donation-based.  In addition, we host community events and fundraisers to help support our work in local schools and organizations.  

Please join us as we create new opportunities to grow, stretch and live an empowered life!



Reconnect with Yourself, Mind, Body and Soul.

Reconnect with yourself so you can create your own definition of success. By taking care of yourself first and leading a more balanced and centered life you will have the power to advocate what success truly means.

balance your


Balance your mind and emotions by attending one of our Empowerment Workshops or Training Seminars.

restore your


Restore your physical health with the help of fitness programs such as CLE Fit, Kids Yoga by ZenWorks Yoga & our Exclusive Nutrition Workshops.

awaken your


Discover your spiritual self and realign your body, mind, and soul through our Meditation Circles and Spiritual Retreats.

What a great organization with a positive impact. So glad you encouraged me and helped so much!​

Lauren Mazur Hodermarsky

Solon, Ohio

With the goal of becoming more active, more adventurous, and more empowered by my health and fitness this year, I knew that I couldn’t expect different results with the same excuses and fears that have held me back in the past. I couldn’t continue waiting to try a new, intimidating class until I felt fit enough to walk through the door with confidence - I needed to start being the person that I saw as my future self, and I needed community support to take the first steps.


Enter CLE Fit’s ’52 Weeks of Fitness’ program. The team behind it is awesome, and the supportive environment is focused on fun and camaraderie while encouraging participants to push the boundaries of their comfort zones. This has been a game changer! The impact on my overall attitude toward group fitness was immediate. I have found myself more open to trying new things, less doubtful of my abilities, and less anxious about exposing my weaknesses. I am generally a more empowered person, and all of a sudden my goals seem attainable. I can't thank CLE Fit enough for being the catalyst that helped get me from daydreaming about who I would start working to become tomorrow, to getting up and working on it today!

Emily Richardson

Cleveland, Ohio

I am in love with the concepts and and values shared by the You Can You Will Foundation. When I heard about the 52 Weeks of Fitness program, I thought, What an incredible concept! I had previously attended Yoga Rocks the Park - (which is incredible!) and tried my first Punk Rock Yoga class a few weeks back and brought my friend who has been asking me to try this class for about a year now! I have always been an at-home fitness gal, aside from yoga, but as a new mom, I often find it hard to get out of the house, but all of the cool class formats offered really gets me excited to do something for myself once in awhile! I’ve found it hard to get myself out of the house to do something for myself. So while I had done yoga for years, I hadn’t been to a class in over 9 months and I was nervous at how I would be. But I remembered the sense of love and community when you attend YCYW events, so I pushed myself to go to my first yoga class and I am so glad I did. One woman even pulled me aside after class and gave me a nice compliment, which reinforced the confidence I needed to get back into fitness and my yoga practice again. I have since been practicing yoga again and try to attend any event that is near me that I can squeeze in. I know that I need new/different classes to keep me motivated and the 52 Weeks of Fitness does just that! I actually check the schedule a few times a month and get excited for the new offerings posted on the website! If you are thinking about getting back into fitness or have a class you a dying to try but don’t want to feel out of place, check out the schedule on their website and find a class or two to try- you will not regret it. There is nothing intimidating when you have a group of like-minded people who just want to try something new/fun. Once you attend one event, you will be addicted to the energy you absorb for the week! I have recommended these classes to anyone looking to try something new, along with those who need a little motivation/push to start up a fitness program. I also love that it helps highlight new/growing businesses in the area!

Karen Walker

Cleveland, Ohio

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