Danielle Ross Wroblewski is a dynamic, inspiring business leader who recently served as the President and CEO of a Cleveland manufacturing company. Danielle is fluent in Spanish and spent time living and working in Spain, Argentina, and in New York City before circling back to her home city of Cleveland. She has held a variety of technical sales roles that developed her interest in and knowledge of engineering principles and manufacturing.

In 2017, Danielle was recognized as a Rising Star in her industry by Progressive Railroading. Danielle credits her leadership success to having a growth mindset and a willingness to adapt to new situations.
She has a sense of responsibility to always do her best. Danielle understands the importance of developing oneself personally in order to be successful professionally. She believes that equanimity and
self-awareness are two cornerstones of effective and prudent leadership.

Danielle enjoys sharing her experiences to inspire and motivate others to uncover their true potential. She speaks about the glass ceiling and offers insight into how we can all work together to break down the invisible but real barriers to advancement that especially affect women and members of minorities. Danielle believes we should understand why leadership gaps exist, acknowledge our unconscious biases,
and then learn ways in which we can continue to close the gap.