At the You Can You Will Foundation we believe that each individual has great potential to live a fulfilled and healthy life. It is believing in this greatness, nurturing it and empowering the children in our community to become his or her best self that marks this new age of positive growth.  We see this as a shift of epic proportions. Such a shift begins with empowering our young ones. 

"INSPIRING STUDENTS' POTENTIAL" or "ISP" is a School Empowerment Program specific to children grades 7th through 12th.  With the rise in attention deficit, depression, and mental health disorders, offering beneficial ways to support holistic solutions to manage or alleviate these symptoms is paramount.  These workshops are designed to inspire, empower and provide practical tools to the students we serve.  Learning healthful ways to affect well-being at a young age can impact not just the individual but their parents, teachers, and schoolmates.  If you have ever found yourself saying, "I wish I would have learned that when I was young", we are likely providing a course on it! 


Why I.S.P.?

MIND: Current research has shown that problems with mental health often start early in life and in fact half of all mental health problems begin by age 14.  The good news is that promoting positive mental health can prevent some problems from starting. For young people who already have mental health disorders, early intervention and treatment can help lessen the impact on their lives.  

BODY:  Obesity and childhood chronic disease is on a rapid rise in our country.  Unfortunately many schools are not providing enough beneficial education on healthy choices, nutrition, and fitness.  

SOUL:  We find great importance in guiding children to persevere when obstacles arise in life such as bullies, failed grades, mistakes, trauma, disappointments and sadness. Such inner resilience will also goad them on to pursue dreams that will manifest a self-empowered and full life.  The act of empowering children is a process of guiding them to feel and believe that they are powerful as well as creating optimum conditions that mirror back to them these concepts.  


We have been providing this program to various schools, after school programs, and summer programs with various community organizations such as Lincoln West School of Global Studies, Greater Collinwood Development Corporation’s Summer Kids Program, University School’s REACH program, International Leadership Group, and more.  These programs are free for each school and organization that we serve. We are fully funded through grants, corporate donations, and individual donations so that these programs are cost-free to the students and teachers we work with.


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