Jaimee Eiflander discovered yoga after finishing up 5 years as a soccer player. With a mindset that yoga was too slow she was drawn to pilates.  Then at age 15 she went to her first power yoga class, fell in love with the practice and hasn’t looked back since.  Drawn first by the physical practice she soon started to experience the many other benefits of yoga off the mat.  The way the practice and philosophy of yoga is derived from the appreciation of the Earth and nature is what sparked this love, and what keeps it alive to this day.


Growing up in the Collinwood area of Cleveland is a challenge for most people even when they move away. Some never overcome the conditioning and mentality of the old neighborhood that traps so many. Jaimee credits her practice of yoga for helping her overcome these challenges.  Seeing many friends and family members make poor decisions based on the way that they had always done things, Jaimee was able to have the confidence to walk down a new path.


As her practice and confidence in herself grew since that first yoga class she knew that that it was time to help empower others. In 2011 she took the leap and registered for a yoga teacher training program at Chagrin Yoga. Having no idea that one of her biggest challenges the night before teacher training would almost derail her plans. Trusting that the right people show up at just the right time in your life was exactly what she did. Darcy and a plethora of other instructors at Chagrin Yoga soon became a close family.  She deepened her practice as she became immersed in asanas, pranayama, meditation, sanskrit, symbolism, and yogic philosophy.


Now with her 200 hour CYT/RYT completed it was time to give back and teach.  With the tools she gained Jaimee has helped family members rehab and friends understand how yoga can be accessible to anyone. With her son being born shortly after finishing at Chagrin Yoga she would be able to integrate this into her number one job, being a mother and raising her son. After planning and saving for years with one of her closest friends Angela, their vision was one step closer to becoming a reality, and on May 31, 2016 Roots Yoga LLC was born. Then on September 7, 2017 after more than a year of blood sweat and tears Roots Yoga Studio opened in Strongsville, Ohio.


Through all the ups and downs of becoming a mother, business partner and moving through life in general, yoga has been there to guide her through the dark and light times. Jaimee’s love of yoga radiates in all of her classes as she teaches; Kids, Restorative, Basics, Power and everything in between. Her favorite part of teaching is the human connection  and the ability to help people everyday. Meeting people where they are and watching them grow is the most beautiful thing for her as she champions the message; “Yoga is truly accessible to anyone”.   As the years go by she loves to see her own evolution as a yogi, and is eternally grateful that this is what she gets to call her career.


For more information or to contact Jaimee: rootsyogacle@gmail.com