Jon Sedor was born in Cleveland, Ohio in May 1988.  At age 13 he became involved with skateboard, BMX, and Graffiti Culture which sparked a fascination within him for art. But it was not until high school that his love of art became a serious pursuit and career choice.  In May 2007, one week before high school graduation, Jon was in a serious accident undergoing two amputations and three surgeries leaving his dominant (left) hand amputated. Jon spent his summer before college learning how to live and paint with only his right hand. Jon continued his pursuit of art and functioning with one hand while earning his Bachelors Degree in Communication Design and Drawing from Skidmore College and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York city. Jon left NYC for Cleveland in 2015 where he met his better half, Allison Lupica, who helped him to discover the benefits of yoga on the mind, body and soul.  And another great passion arose for Jon in the form of Cleveland...of all places!


Jon currently teaches, The History and Application of Street Art at the Cleveland School of the Arts and spends his free time custom painting surfboards and freelancing as a designer.

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