YCYW Foundation is a collection of passionate people working together to fulfill our mission.

Andrew HollandThe Visionary (Founder & CEO) 

Andy graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management. In the meantime, he spent 20 years as CEO of Hi-Fi Video Productions, Inc, a successful production company and acquired over 15 years of management experience in corporate America.  In 1997 he was elected and served as a Trustee on the Board of the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce and served in that role for 8 years, working with local businesses providing them outstanding resources for the growth of the community. At this point you may be asking yourself - so when did he sleep?  We asked the same thing…but this bio isn’t near done!


Throughout his career there has always been a strong customer focus.  Andy prides himself on maintaining that focus and instilling that in the people he manages everyday.  After spending so much time in the business sector, he began to understand the importance of a strong local economy and connections between consumers and producers.  With so many “big box” stores taking over the industry, leaving customers with a sterile, connectionless experience, he felt that there could be a better way to connect people while bolstering small businesses.  In 2009 he founded USAmart, LLC, a company that facilitates connected transactions, telling the story of the local artisans and producers of quality goods made locally and strengthening the immediate economy. Their focus is to educate people about smarter buying choices and the people behind those choices.  To purchase USA made, local products visit:


Business has always been Andy’s career but Meditation, Yoga and Gratitude are all key components of Andy's daily life. Ever the grand event host, Andy brought Yoga Rocks the Park to Cleveland in 2012, completed his 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Marni Task in 2014, launched YogiNation Cleveland in 2015 and through these experiences and finding needs within the community created the You Can You Will Foundation. 


Andy believes that to make a change in our lives and our world we need to look inward. He hopes that through sharing his journey he will be able to help empower other people along the way. 

Tera SomogyiThe Ambassador of Abundance (Director)

Tera has a Master of Arts degree in Experimental Psychology and while working with survivors of sexual abuse, earned her sex therapy certification at the Florida Institute of Sex Therapy.  After many years in the “Big Pharma” industry and serving as Vice President of Sales for a national medical supply company, Tera realized that while her work was successful it was not her true calling in life.  Working in the medical field made it apparent that the American medical mantra of surgery, pills, and harsh treatments was not the answer that our society needs. Although there is a place for all types of treatments, getting to the original source of illness and finding ways to realign the physical body through the mind, whole foods, herbal elixirs, and various somatic practices became a mission for her.  So in 2016 she became a certified Health Coach with Health, Wealth & Wellness Network coupling her psychology training with her experience in the medical field. Since then she has coached and assisted many people in healing themselves of illnesses ranging from diabetes, autism, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. A firm believer in the power of “a balanced mind in a balance body” her mission to help people find their own answers and healing within. 

Sarah Lyon, The Mindfulness Guru

Sarah is a performing artist and educator who has been seen in plays, musicals, and choirs throughout the Midwest and Northeastern United States.  As an educator, she has taught at University School in Shaker Heights, Ohio for the past 14 years. There she is Director of the Arts, Chair for the Department of the Performing Arts, Theatre Director, and a classroom teacher. She is a Mindfulness Educator through Mindful Schools and is certified in Mindfulness Fundamentals, Mindfulness for Educators, and Non-violent/Mindful Communication. Using her expertise, she has implemented mindfulness in her classroom and has spearheaded a committee at University School for adult mindfulness.  Outside of school she teaches private voice and acting lessons, and previously worked at Kent State University in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. In search of establishing a stronger balance in her life, Sarah found yoga and meditation. After falling in love with the mind/body connection yoga offers, she became a certified yoga instructor and is a Senior Instructor and member of the teacher training faculty at Pink Lotus Yoga.


Sarah’s passion is working with kids and giving them tools that will help them on the path to living an empowered life.  It is a core belief for her that the power that we all have within and that the key to unlocking it is a gift to be discovered by each individual. Sarah believes in living life to its fullest potential and it is her hope that she can inspire others to do the same.

Angela FachThe Architect (Co-founder & Former Director)

Angela is a Catcher of Light, Dreamer of Dreams and responds to every call that excites her spirit. Angela spent over 15 years as an Art Director and then left her career to start her photography business in 2010. While holding a camera, as in life, she strives to connect with people through loving, compassionate and non-judgmental energy. She believes this energy combined with her skill allows her to capture the magic of each moment through a lens. 
She believes that passion and inspiration is the key to happiness and fulfillment. Angela's main objective is helping people from every walk of life see their future in such a way that they’re filled with uncompromising confidence. This is influential in helping individuals identify their dreams and deepest desires, and empowers them, placing the ability to shape their future in the palm of their hand.

Angela is a former Director at YCYW and you can still connect with her and see her work at Universal Architect (