Sara Kelly is the Creative Director for the ‘Scare Your Soul’ Global Courage Movement, which invites people to repeatedly get outside their comfort zones with small acts that lead to big change.  Upon studying with Ylonda Rosenthal-Greene to earn her 200- hour RYT for yoga through the inaugural ‘Awake to My Soul’ yoga teacher training in 2018, Sara now strives to incorporate all of her passions into yoga experiences, aiming to connect with those who don’t believe yoga is “for them” and create an accessible, meaningful practice.

Sara is a compassionate creative with a love for both teaching & learning. Often found in a classroom, kitchen, dancing with her dogs, or in nature, she is fueled by challenging the status quo and empowering others.

Her journey consciously began in high school, as she admitted she had been “should-ing” herself into all sorts of boxes that didn’t seem to fit her true identity. Upon earning her B.A. and M.Ed from Ohio University in Special Education and teaching in a rural Appalachian high school, Sara returned to Cleveland to begin working with a local nonprofit, Effective Leadership Academy. Five years later, now their Curriculum Director, she gets to create and facilitate self-leadership training programs focused on 21st century skills like communication and collaboration. She works with 5th graders in the inner city, 12th graders at a boarding school, and adult men in prison- sometimes all in the same day! She believes in the universal need for guidance toward one’s best self, and lives for the moments when a participant- no matter their background- shares insight into their increased self-confidence to live courageously in this wild world. |

Connect:, @saritonin