Allison Lupica was born on the Westside of Cleveland in September of 1990. When she was 13, her mother encouraged her to start practicing yoga; hoping she would connect with like-minded individuals and find a sense of peace within herself as she was entering her teenage years. With the help of yoga as her therapy and the discovery of this peace within she was able to explore her passion for art. After high school she enrolled at Cleveland State University. Graduating with a Bachelors in Marketing and a certificate in Graphic design she pursued a career in marketing and graphic design.  Working in corporate America with all the stress, pressure and deadlines involved Allison drew upon her yogic practice that she had cultivated since she was a young teen.

Knowing the profound affect yoga had on her life she wanted to find a way to teach others what she had come to know. In 2015 Allison earned her 200hr Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Certification under Marni Task at The Yoga Room in Cleveland.

Her latest vision is to create community among her students bringing both yoga and art together.

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