Chris Burnett is the owner and founder of Green Dragon Tai Chi and Qigong LLC. Chris has been in Martial Arts all of his life having a cumulative of thirty years of training. Having started off in Karate at a young age he then took up Kung Fu in later years and wrestled in High School. Chris began teaching his relatives and their children the basics of self defense.

After teaching Kung Fu basics and Shaolin Five Animal Techniques for many years Chris found Tai Chi and Qigong. He began the study of these arts in Cleveland and has practiced them for over twenty years. He has studied with schools such as Tar San Young Bak Mei Kung Fu, Immortal Palm, Supreme Ultimate Martial Arts, Chen Taiji Ohio and American Chen Taiji Association. He still frequently travels to Florida and San Francisco to further his training under well known Tai Chi Masters.

After he discovered the many health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong and began teaching in fitness clubs, parks and senior citizen communities. Today he teaches all ages from 5 and up in all settings including private and corporate groups. He has ten years of teaching experience and enjoys helping others. He says there is nothing like the feeling he gets when his students thank him and tell him how good they feel after class.  It is his ongoing vision to create a healthy Tai Chi community. He wants people to know that it’s good for all ages and physical abilities whether you are interested in health benefits or in martial arts.

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