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“CLE Fit was created by the You Can You Will Foundation. It was started to help people get out of their comfort zone, experience new forms of group fitness, try different things, and open themselves up to possibilities.  What I’m encouraging everyone to do is the same thing we did during our 52 weeks of Fitness Program - think about the people in your life that are struggling with their physical fitness. Get out and tell that friend, that family member, that co-worker, that loved one that’s afraid to walk through the door of group fitness class for the first time. Help them through that door, be the person that holds their hand and makes it easier for them. After all in this lifetime we only have one physical body and how we take care of it is a direct result to the experience we have.” 

- Andy Holland

CLE Fit is the "Body" portion of the Mind, Body, Soul mission at YCYW.  Through this program we bring the community together for complete wellness events in Cleveland. CLE Fit aims to create a space of possibilities for people to come together in commUNITY, allowing individuals to empower themselves with the focus on connection over competition. Our events are designed to help people discover the power within through group fitness and wellness events.  The hope is that each individual sets an intention for themselves during our events and carries it out into the world that they create.


Be sure to check out our Facebook page weekly as we post FREE and donation-based events that are being held in the Northeast Ohio area to provide everyone the opportunity to create a balanced mind in a balanced body.


When people come together to focus on their bodies and minds in a positive manner they create an energy that is powerful. It solidifies bonds, it creates positive experiences that can impact overall wellness, and it encourages a balanced mind in a balanced body.