Crystal Muscatello is a Certified Wellness Coach and Qigong Instructor. She helps people enhance their physical, mental, and spiritual well being through self care and complementary and alternative medicine practices.  She graduated from North Royalton High School and went straight into the Ohio Army National Guard. Shortly after, she was off to Iraq deep into a war zone. Due to the high stress and trauma-inducing environment of a war zone, she returned home with her physical, mental and emotional health in a deteriorating state. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis within a year, and following closely behind, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Depression then ensued due to a life full of restrictions and limitations.  One fateful day she was hospitalized and knew that she needed to change...basically everything. It was overwhelming, and scary but she continued to focus on the intention of feeling healed. Seven years later those terrifying experiences led her to where she is now - experiencing “against the odds” healing, and building a business to help others through the holistic techniques she acquired.

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