The You Can You Will Foundation is a non-profit organization that encourages and financially supports health and wellness programs as well as other organizations which help individuals develop health and empowerment.  

The You Can You Will Foundation is a non-profit, public benefit corporation for charitable purposes under section 501 (C) IRS code, and the laws of the State of Ohio.  All contributions are tax-deductible, and your help is received with joy and gratitude. We appreciate your heartfelt financial support.

Creating opportunities through financial support 

  • Sponsorship of specific programs & workshops

  • Individual and corporate donations

  • Annual Membership in YCYW - email for more information

  • Attend and support our fundraising events

Spreading the seeds of self-empowerment on a global level

  • Experience one of our events or workshops

  • Connect us with organizations that want to offer their employees our workshops


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The You Can You Will Foundation

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